April 30th, 2009

Not much has been done to the layout since the last update. I've been out skateboarding during the day and detailing more locomotives at night. What I did manage to do to the layout was put down some temporary scenery for a video modeling contest on Trainboard. I took a shot of the layout from a low point shooting up, so only the blue background would be visable. I also sat a grain elevator in place between the tracks and backdrop. I added a little bit of ballast and some ground foam and put a tree in the background. I think it turned out pretty good. Apparently other people thought it was good too since I won the video modeling contest. Pretty cool =)
Anyhow, here is a few pictures of what the scene looked like, and the video I submitted. Enjoy.



Here is the video I submitted to the Trainboard Contest.




Here is a picture taken before I made the video.


And just a few scenes of the temporary scenery...



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