April 3rd, 2008

I guess it's been a while since I updated the progress of the layout, in large part due to the weather getting super nice outside. My other hobby, skateboarding, has been taking time away from the layout. I also took a spring break and went to Disneyland for a week. But for the most part, I was installing decoders in my N scale locos, and getting my HO locos up and running for use during operation and run nights at the Flagstaff Model Railroad Club, where I'm a member. The Mountain Pacific Lines' website is here.
So here is what is new in this installment. The staging tracks in the laundry room are almost done. I've gotten 6 of the 10 tracks installed and wired up. I have also installed most of the Digitrax UP5 pannels around the layout, along with running the power bus lines and switch machine wires. I have also started on the South end of the yard in Bishop, which includes the turnout to the branchline to Tonopah. Handlaying the turnouts and getting the Tortoise Switch Machines wired up is quite time consuming, but well worth the extra effort.



Looking up the lower level staging yard throat. As soon as I finish a track, I end up sticking a train on it!




Looking back the other way. Only 4 more tracks to glue down and wire up.




Cabooses are still around in my world.




Here is some of the wires running from the layout room to the laundry room. The plastic holder that the wires are running thru comes from a Deluxe Innovations Maxi Stack 3 case.




Looking up under the lower level staging yard throat. This took quite a few nights to get everything wired up and running smooth.




Back in the layout room, this is on the other side of the wall of the staging yard. The main line comes out to the left. You can see the wires running into the plastic holder right above the main.




I had gone to a train show in Phoenix and among some other things, I picked up some metal railroad signs. My 3 favorite railroads are displayed.




Here is the first rail laid for the turnouts on the drop down access bridge.




2 turnouts done, one more to go on the drop down bridge. The middle turnout is where the branchline to Tonopah enters the Owens Valley Sub. The turnout to the left heads to the yard, the one to the right heads to Owens Valley Produce. I also added the handle to make opening and closing the drop down easier.




To get the turnouts to fit right, I had to put the switch machine quite close to the slide bar.




Here is the bridge "dropped down".




Looking across the bridge towards staging.




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